"Great comedic timing, she is so funny" Sue Winik, SW Artists

"She brings so much power to her characters. When she comes on stage, makes all the audience turn to watch her" Ethan Labourdette, Artistic Director, Foggy Dew

"A high level of creative energy in her capacity to act as well as dance. An ideal combination for Film and Theatre" Victorio Korjhan, Professional dancer, Steps on Broadway

"Professional, quick-witted and adaptable" Darlene Patrick, Artistic Director, New York Renaissance Faire

"Her focus is so on point, that we can see what her character is going through" Bobby Holder, The Talent Express.

"Despite the harsh content of the storyline and the deep mental and emotional space required to bring her character to life, she did it with so much ease and grace. My hat goes off to her and the talent she posses. Howard Tomlinson, Linea de Sangre